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All Barcodes and All Document Types – DESKO Boarding Gate Readers, here we go!

Increasing passenger numbers, less processing time, and increasingly more barcode devices present many challenges for boarding gate readers. DESKO provides the best boarding process available. Let’s get onboard with DESKO!

  • BGR 504 pro

    BGR 504 pro

    Dedicated boarding gate reader for quick and easy boarding.

  • PENTA Scanner® BGR

    PENTA Scanner® BGR

    All-in-one boarding pass scanner with passport or magnetic stripe card reading and more.

  • PENTA OEM Scanners

    PENTA OEM Scanners

    PENTA OEM Scanners. Optimized for integration into kiosks or eGates. Read passports, ID cards, visa and barcodes.

  • BCR 504 pro

    BCR 504 pro

    Barcode scanner ideal for access or ticket control and many more.

  • ID Document Authentication

    ID Document Authentication

    Software for id document checks at check-in, security and boarding. Advanced checks from document validity to a complete authentication.

  • PENTA Scanner®

    PENTA Scanner®

    Discover our unique multifunctional document scanner for access control, security and passenger flow control.

  • PENTA Scanner® BPV

    PENTA Scanner® BPV

    Boarding pass scanner for flight ticket check. Also used by TSA pre check.

  • PENTA Scanner® CKI

    PENTA Scanner® CKI

    Improver your check-in process with our PENTA Scanner® platform. Scan passports, ID cards, visa or barcodes. Read frequent traveler cards, credit cards, smart cards and even NFC! DESKO PENTA Scanner®, the all-in-one check-in equipment.

  • NEPTUN chrom®

    NEPTUN chrom®

    DESKO's brand-new water and dust resistant OCR, MSR keyboard

  • IDenty chrom®

    IDenty chrom®

    Discover our check-in document reader - ideal for passport, ID card, frequent traveler card and credit card reading.

  • ICON Scanner

    ICON Scanner

    ID document scanner for an easy and efficient scanning of ID cards, passports and visa.

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Gottlieb-Keim-Str. 56

95448 Bayreuth | Germany

Phone +49 (0) 921 792 790

Fax +49 (0) 921 7927 914


DESKO Pte. Ltd.

100 Beach Road

#22-10  Shaw Tower

Singapore 189702 | Singapore

Phone +65 639 101 25

Fax +65 629 122 70



1800 Pembrook Drive

Suite 300

Orlando FL  32810 | U.S.A. 

Phone +1 262 344 5571



DESKO develops and manufactures hardware solutions for automated data entry and document checks. DESKO has your ideal solution for airlines and airports, banking, retail, hospitality, security and government applications, self-service, and more.