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micro OCR

OEM Solution for Passport and ID Card Reading

You need to read passports or ID cards? You need a handy and 100% portable solution to be flexible during field operations? Our micro OCR will support you create your own customized solution.

Our micro OCR is our OEM solution for OCR/MRZ reading. It reads ID documents such as passports, ID cards or visas. After the data collection all data can be transferred to your application using our Windows or Android driver set. You have the choice of using a computer, laptop or portable device, our micro OCR is as flexible as you have to be during field operation.

DESKO´s micro OCR, your perfect device for visitor registration, identification checks, and many more.

Our micro OCR kit consists of:

  • 1x OCR Camera (for data reading)
  • 1x Controller Board (for data capture)
  • USB Interface (for data transfer)
  • 1x Flat Ribbon Cable for OCR camera and controller board connection (different lengths available: 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm or 200 mm)
  • Integration Guide incl. drawings
  • Technical Support to help during integration



Machine-Readable Zone (OCR): according ICAO 9303


API (Windows, Android) or Keyboard Emulation


Machine-Readable Zone (OCR): e.g. passports, ID cards, visas


DESKO Device Drivers & SDK

Operating Systems:

  • Windows OS (32 bit and 64 bit)



 OCR Camera: with glass plate: L 33,9 mm (1.33 inches) × W 16,41 mm (0.64 inches) × H 23,1 mm (0.90 inches)

                    without glass plate: L 33,9 mm (1.33 inches) × W 14,55 mm (0.57 inches) ×H 23,1 mm (0.90 inches)

Controller Board: L 42,8 mm (1.68 inches) × H 27 mm (1.06 inches)


Host Interface: USB

NEW driver for ANDROID™ available


Vcc: 5V +/- 5%

Icc: max. 150 mA


If you require specific technical information or tools, please visit our download area.

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