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ID Document Authentication

Extended ID Document Checks

When it comes to security checks, scanning and reading of an ID document is only the first step. A detailed document authentication based on criteria such as checksum validity, document validity and forensic quality checks under visible light, infrared light and ultraviolet light is the perfect completion to our scanning hardware. Hardware and software together allow for safe, detailed and reliable document checks and increase every security check to its maximum.

We work together with leading security software companies around the globe to offer you the latest and most effective ID document authentication package available.

All solutions are based on a document comparison with an extensive document library including ID samples from all over the world. Followed by document checks such as ICAO conformity, checksum validity, document validity, age verification and forensic quality checks like VIS, IR, UV patterns, plus various crosschecks such as machine-readable zone data vs. ePass information or visible zone data vs. machine-readable zone data.

All information can be stored for further processing or later proof of compliance with in-house regulations and legal requirements. 

Our ID document authentication package is ideal for visitor control, border control, immigration, police and security, legal and business compliancy, know your customer (KYC) processes and many more...



Read – ID documents and extracts data from the machine-readable zone (MRZ), visual zone (VIZ) and e-Pass/e-ID chip.

Verify – IDs are verified based on the MRZ against a set of parameters such as age, ICAO compliance, validity of document.

Authenticate – fully authenticates the ID document based on the specific security features of each ID - doc library/criteria.

Report – detailed results on each security feature and a preliminary decision on the authenticity of the ID are shown to the operator.

Store – all images, check results, and reports can be stored and attached to your transaction.


The following document types are supported:

  • Passports
  • National IDs
  • Driving Licenses, Military IDs, etc.

from more than 100 countries.


Advanced Checks

  • preliminary decision
  • based on pre-set rules a recommendation for the operator is given
  • data storage if required


The document library is kept up to date and continues to grow. These updates include new documents, changes to documents, and functional enhancements. Updates are provided regularly and are essential in order to maintain the long term functionality of your system.


Should you need information for the implementation of the hardware and software package, please feel free to contact us Inquiry



The following software systems are supported:

  • Win 7, Win 8/8.1 and Win 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • SDK incl. sample applications for C/C++, Java and .Net

The following scanner hardware is supported:

  • DESKO PENTA Scanner®
  • DESKO ICON Scanner®


We are proud working together with leading software providers in terms of verification and authentication software. Our full-page scanners are already integrated in numerous security software solutions, to get an idea of which scanner fits best for your requirements, please see below table:

DESKO PENTA Scanner for ID Document Authentication



  • full-page scanner
  • flatbed scan technology


  • OCR reading of ID documents
  • image capture of ID documents

Optional Features:

  • RFID reading of biometric documents e.g. ePassports
  • barcode reading
  • magnetic stripe card reading
  • chip card reading

Optional Equipment:

  • touch display
  • various mounting options
  • embedded PC

On-Board ID Document Checks: the PENTA Scanner is a high-performance scanner which can be extended by an embedded PC. This allows you to perform on-board ID document checks without the need of any additional equipment.

On-Board ID Document Checks

DESKO PENTA Scanner with embedded PC

PENTA Scanner with integrated:

  • fully functioning embedded Windows PC
  • multicolor touch display

On-board performed identity checks include:

  • all checks of any ID document verification or authentication software from our software partners

Additional software required, external power supply needed for operation.

DESKO ICON Scanner for ID Document Authentication



  • full-page scanner
  • flatbed scan technology


  • OCR reading of ID documents
  • image capture of ID documents

Optional Features:

  • RFID reading of biometric documents e.g. ePassports



If you require specific technical information or tools, please visit our download area.

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