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LOTTO Hessen installs IDenty chrom® in lottery stores


Our swipe reader verifies the age of lottery players in Hessen.


Since January, our IDenty chrom is being installed in lottery stores all over Hessen. The swipe reader reliably supports the lottery agents in the verification of the customer´s age. 

DESKO IDenty chrom with passport
Button ab 18 Jahren

The ID card or passport just needs to be pulled through the swipe slot. Due to the integrated Real-Time Clock the IDenty chrom checks very fast and reliable if the customer falls below or exceeds the age limit of 18 years. A built-in status LED and a buzzer support the result with an immediate visual and acoustic feedback. Using the IDenty chrom, errors due to wrong age calculations can be completely eliminated.


Therefore, underage persons are consequently prevented from playing the lottery. As a highlight, the distinctive red logo was printed on the IDenty chrom. Therefore, the visual appearance of the device was adjusted to the company´s external presentation in an optimum manner. 

DESKO IDenty chrom Lotto Hessen

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