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Europcar relies on combined solution for quick and easy identity checks developed by DESKO and jenID


Automatic verification of customer identity simplifies and secures workflows in car rental station.


DESKO and software specialist jenID Solutions support car rental company Europcar with a fully automated, secure and user-friendly system for the verification of the customer´s identity (KYC).

To protect their valuable property, companies such as the international car rental company Europcar increasingly take action and enhance their security to identify their customers before handing out the keys to their cars.

Since 2017 DESKO and software professional jenID have supported more than 300 Europcar stations all over Germany with an efficient system for the verification of customers´ identities called Genuine-ID EASYCHECK. The solution consists of DESKO´s ID document scanner the PENTA Scanner® and jenIDs authentication software Genuine-ID.

How it works:
The handling is very intuitive: the agent just needs to put the ID card, passport or driver´s license on the scan window of the PENTA Scanner. Within seconds, the device creates images of the document under different light sources which are then being transferred to the Genuine-ID software. The software authenticates the ID document by comparing it with an extensive document library which is constantly being updated and extended.

IDentity checks with the PENTA Scanner and Genuine-ID massively enhance the security and is particularly suitable for industries which have to perform high-risk transactions.

Learn more about the entire project in our Success Story.

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