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DESKO and Latin ID provide solution for ID document authentication and biometrics capture


Solution prevents fraud due to identiy theft at Mexican registration points.

DESKO and Latin ID provide solution for ID document authentication and biometrics capture at Mexican registration points


  Latin ID® has developed a software for the prevention of fraud due to identity theft, which is based on verifying the authenticity of the official IDs, as well as capturing the customers biometrics. This solution has been installed in 1,852 points of registration across Mexico. This allows the creation of what they call “Unique Identities” of each user.

DESKO´s multifunctional identification scanners are a key part of this technological solution, since they allow an effective and accurate authentication of the probative documents and excellence in hardware durability. DESKO scanners enable staff members to perform quick and reliable scans of ID cards and passports. Just put the document on the scan window. Within seconds, the scanner captures ID and image data under three light sources (visible, infrared and ultraviolet light) as well as the data stored on the RFID chip of biometric documents. These data provide the basis for an effective and accurate authentication of the customers´ identities by Latin ID´s software.

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About Latin ID
Latin ID®, founded in Mexico City in 1988, has developed the knowledge and ability to integrate different technologies, allowing the implementation of integral solutions tailored to each problem. All the integral solutions we offer are made in-house by our team of national engineers, specialized in software and hardware of security and information technologies. This allows us to have an excellent level of post sales service and the ability to react in a short time to new or complementary needs in already implemented solutions. We adapt our human and technological resources to the development of solutions based on objectives, for us technology is the means, not the purpose.

DESKO develops and manufactures hardware solutions for automated data entry and document checks. DESKO has your ideal solution for airlines and airports, banking, retail, hospitality, security and government applications, self-service, and more.