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Data Protection Policy

We are very pleased about your interest in our website and in our services. DESKO considers that it is very important to protect your private sphere. DESKO will inform you comprehensively about how your data is handled in the following text.

Collecting, Processing and Using Personal Data

You can visit our pages without giving information about your person. We only store the access data without any personal reference, like for example the name of the called-up website, the data file, the date and time of the call, the transmitted amount of data, the notification of the successful call, the type of browser together with its version, the user's operating system, the URL referrer (that means the site that was previously visited), the IP address and the queried provider. This data is otherwise solely evaluated for improving our offer and it does not allow any inference to be drawn about your person.

Personal data will only be collected if you have voluntarily notified us to do so within the framework of our services. We utilize the data that you provide us solely for contract fulfillment and without any special consent. We will use your e-mail address as well as your forename and surname, which you give when registering for the newsletter, for our own advertising purposes in order to contact you personally until you subscribe from the newsletter. It is possible to subscribe from the newsletter at any time.

Utilizing Cookies

We utilize so-called cookies on various pages, in order to design our website attractively and to give access to specific functions. The matter in this case concerns small data files of text that are stored on your peripheral device, e.g. on your computer. Some of the cookies that we use will be deleted again when the browsing session ends, i.e. after closing your browser (these are the so-called session cookies).  Other cookies will remain on your peripheral device and they enable us and our parent company to detect your browser again during the next visit (persistent cookies). 

Apart from that, you can adjust your browser in such a way that you will be informed about the planted cookies and so that you can decide about accepting them individually, or refusing to accept the cookies in certain cases or in general. Please note that our website's functionality can be restricted whenever you do not accept the cookies.

Right of Information 

According to the Federal Data Protection Law you have the right to a free access to the data we have stored concerning your person. You also have the right to insist on correcting, blocking or deleting the data, if applicable.

Contact for Data Protection

Please contact info@desko.de whenever you have any questions about collecting, processing or deleting your personal data, or if you want to access this data, or if you wish to block or delete it, as well as whenever you intend to revoke the granted consents.

Analytical Web Tools

All data on this website is collected and stored by means of Etracker GmbH's technologies (www.etracker.com), which is an analytical web service. Visitor profiles are drawn up by means of utilizing pseudonyms. These profiles serve for analyzing the content of the visit and they are evaluated in order to improve our offers and to better cater for the demand. Cookies can be used for this purpose. Please refer to the aforementioned explanations about utilizing cookies.

You can always object to the data being collected and stored for the purposes of web analytics with effect for the future, by means of communicating with the aforementioned contact for data protection. 

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