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DESKO Repair Service

In order to get a DESKO product repaired you need to apply for a Return Material Authorization (RMA). This page will help you to create a RMA number and will guide you to a Service Center near your location.

To get your DESKO product repaired please follow these steps

  • Create a RMA number and receive RMA form.
  • Print RMA form and include RMA form in your shipment to a DESKO Service Center.
  • Ship damaged products including all corresponding cables and power supplies to the DESKO Service Center. Use the original packaging or other stable packaging material for the return shipment. Please note that products damaged during shipment or due to insufficient packaging will void warranty.

Repair Costs

  • If covered by warranty, DESKO Service Center will repair and ship back your device within 10 business days (shipping times not included).
  • If not covered by warranty, DESKO Service Center will approach you with a cost estimate for the repair. You will be asked to approve any costs for non-warranty repair. After your approval, DESKO will repair and ship back your product including invoice for repair costs.
  • If you do not approve the repair costs, DESKO will (according to your wish) either scrap the product or send it back at your expense. In either case DESKO will charge 50,00 Euro for the initial product inspection.
  • If you are not certain whether your product actually has a hardware defect or just requires a firmware update, please contact our support team first.
  • If DESKO Service Center cannot find any hardware defect, DESKO will charge 50,00 Euro for the product inspection. These inspection costs are not covered by DESKO warranty terms and conditions.

Shipping Costs

  • Please note that shipping costs (incl. customs clearance if applicable) to the DESKO Service Center will not be covered by DESKO.
  • Any additional shipping or customs duty costs for the inbound shipment will be billed to the customer along with the repair costs.
  • The costs for the return shipment are covered by DESKO unless you do not approve the repair costs (see bullet point 3, Repair Costs).


To begin with the RMA process please choose your region:

Open RMA Form


How long does it take to repair a DESKO product?

Warranty Repairs – in general DESKO aims for a turnaround time of 10 business days from receipt of product until release of product from a DESKO Service Center.

Non-Warranty Repairs – turnaround time depend on customer approval of repair costs. DESKO aims for a turnaround time of 10 business days from customer approval of repair price until release of product from a DESKO Service Center.

Turnaround times do not include time for shipping the products to a DESKO Service Center or back to the customer.

Kindly note that DESKO will not store devices longer than 120 days at the Service Center. Hence, we would ask you to send your approval as soon as possible after the receipt of our quote. DESKO will scrap any unit that has exceeded this maximum storage period.

How can I check the status of my repair?

After your RMA application is completed, you will receive an e-mail including a link to your service case. You will receive one link for each device under repair. With this link you can check the repair status of your device online.

Useful Information

  • Any damaged DESKO product should only be serviced and repaired by a DESKO Certified Service Center
  • Only products and quantities with a valid RMA will be processed
  • Products damaged during shipment or due to insufficient packaging will void warranty
  • DESKO cannot be made responsible for losses or damages to returns send without RMA

Upcoming Events

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    SDW Asia 2019

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