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PENTA Scanner® SDK Features

To have full access to all features of the PENTA Scanner it has to be integrated into your application via Page Scan API. This API is included in the device SDK which will be delivered with the device. The package also includes DLLs and a demo program to test all functions of the scanner.

The PENTA Scanner SDK features include among others:

User Guidance

DESKO PENTA Scanner SDK - Move Detection

Move Detection

This feature ensures that only non-blurred scans are processed.

DESKO PENTA Scanner SDK - Live Scan Picture

Live Scan Picture

Streaming of thumbnails to show user position of document on scan window.


Basic Document Checks

DESKO PENTA Scanner SDK - B900 Ink Check

B900 Ink Check

Detect if the MRZ was printed using B900 ink.

DESKO PENTA Scanner SDK - ICAO MRZ Compliancy

ICAO MRZ Compliancy

Check if the MRZ is conform to ICAO regulations.

DESKO PENTA Scanner SDK - Checksum Verification

Checksum Verification

See if the MRZ is reasonable and valid.

DESKO PENTA Scanner SDK - UV Dullness Check

UV Dullness Check

Use the integrated UV light source to check if the data page is made of optical unresponsive material (UV security printings).

DESKO PENTA Scanner SDK - Age Verification

Age Verification

Find out the age of the passport holder. Up to three age limits can be set.

DESKO PENTA Scanner SDK - Document Expiry Date

Document Expiry Date

Verify if the document is still valid or if it has already been expired.



DESKO PENTA Scanner SDK - Anti-Glare


Brilliant image quality without troubling glare dots on the document scan.

DESKO PENTA Scanner SDK - Document Type Detection

Document Type Detection

Find out what kind of document is scanned due to shape detection.


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