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Do-It-Yourself Key Matrix Exchange

Make cosmetic repairs or replace broken key matrixes in less than 5 minutes, now all possible with the NEPTUN chrom.

The front of your keyboard doesn´t look good after five or more years in the field? The key matrix is broken and needs to be replaced? No problem! Thanks to our do-it-yourself key matrix exchange concept every technician can easily and without extensive and costly trainings change the key matrix of the NEPTUN chrom in less than 5 minutes.

Just loosen the five outer screws of the NEPTUN chrom. Lift the upper part of the keyboard, the key matrix, by unlocking it from the bottom part of the keyboard. Now take a new key matrix and lock it into the bottom part of the keyboard. Fasten the five outer screws and your NEPTUN chrom looks as good as new.

Give your NEPTUN chrom a facelift in less than 5 minutes!


Step 1: loose the 5 outer screws

Step 2: lift and remove old key matrix

Step 3: lock in new key matrix

Step 4: screw in the 5 outer screws


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