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Driver for ANDROID™ available

Connect one of our swipe readers to a tablet PC using Android and you can read passports and ID cards and transfer their data automatically to your application. 

Read passports or ID cards on the fly and be as flexible as possible with a minimized equipment.

What can I do

  • read passports and ID cards
  • transfer data automatically to your application
  • be as flexible as possible due to the minimized equipment needed

How it works

  • choose a DESKO swipe reader
  • install your App
  • connect the swipe reader via USB to your device

My advantages

  • fast and easy data capture
  • minimized equipment
    • DESKO swipe reader
    • Android device
  • flexible in hardware choice
    • needs to use Android

Choose a DESKO swipe reader

DESKO swipe reader IDenty chrom

IDenty chrom

  • handy swipe reader
  • length of an open passport
  • ready to use device
IDenty chrom product page
DESKO OEM module micro OCR

micro OCR

  • super small OCR OEM kit
  • size of a coin
  • perfect for integration into your own device
micro OCR product page

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