PENTA Scanner® Cube integrated in SITA´s new Scan&Fly solution


24 check-in counters at Moscow Domodedovo Airport equipped with new self-bag drop technology.

SITA´s new Scan&Fly self-bag drop technology allows passengers to check in their bags in less than one minute.

The solution is equipped with the PENTA Scanner® Cube and a hand-held barcode reader. Only three simple steps are required to check-in the luggage: first, the passenger needs to scan his paper or electronic boarding pass. In a next step, a bag tag is printed. Finally, the passenger attaches the tag to his case and drops it off.

By the end of year, 24 check-in counters at Domodedovo Airport will be equipped with the new bag drop technology.

Click to read the full SITA press release.

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