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Since its foundation in 1991, DESKO improved its devices and solutions, expands its territory, and grew as a company year by year. Come and take a look at the most important milestones, from the early beginnings in 1991 until our latest achievements.

1991 DESKO corporate foundation
1992 Introduction of innovative data security solution, based on magnetic stripe cards
1993 First product launch of banking solutions for magnetic stripe processing
1995 DESKO expands and moves into company-owned building
1996 First product launch of solutions for airlines and airports
1997 First passport reader from DESKO
2002 Implementation of data processing centre for payment solutions
2004 Introduction of innovative full-page passport reader
2006 Foundation of DESKO LC, Florida
2007 Leading technology and IATA partner for innovative barcode technology
2013 Foundation of DESKO Pte. Ltd., Singapore
2015 Opening of own DESKO offices in downtown Singapore
2016 Extension of company building

To this day, DESKO is leading provider of professional solutions for

  • Travel Industry
  • Government and Security
  • Self-Service
  • Banking
  • Hospitality

DESKO cooperates with leading research institutions and universities in Germany in optoelectronics and image processing. The fundamental developments of these partners are used and further processed by DESKO for implementation into applications for daily business.

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Gottlieb-Keim-Str. 56

95448 Bayreuth | Germany

电话:+49 (0) 921 792 790

传真:+49 (0) 921 7927 914


DESKO Pte. Ltd.

100 Beach Road

#22-10  Shaw Tower

Singapore 189702 | Singapore

电话:+65 639 101 25

传真:+65 629 122 70



1800 Pembrook Drive

Suite 300

Orlando FL  32810 | United States of America 

电话:+1 262 344 5571



DESKO develops and manufactures hardware solutions for automated data entry and document checks. DESKO has your ideal solution for airlines and airports, banking, retail, hospitality, security and government applications, self-service, and more.