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DESKO GRSK 504 - 1D/2D barcode and Boarding Gate Reader

GRSK 504

The DESKO Boarding Gate Reader is the versatile product with a portfolio of components for all modern boarding applications. The DESKO BGR is affordable, flexible and adaptable enough for advanced applications as self-service boarding, biometric security boarding and phone based 2D barcodes.

Your Advantages

  • Scanner for mobile phone and paper based barcodes
  • Uniquely expandable for e.g. receipt printer, biometric device etc.
  • High reliability, versatile and easy-to-use

Product Details

  • 1D and 2D barcode reader with display
  • Buzzer and RED/GREEN LEDs
  • BGR interface

Besides the wide range of well tested and approved standard products we can also offer individual applications which consider and realize your specific requirements. We face your unique challenges and in close cooperation develop a solution that matches your indivdual needs.