Buying gold with PENTA technology

It can be found in the famous Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, on the 124th floor of the luxurious Burj Khalifa in Dubai and in already 23 German cities - the unique GOLD to go ATM.

Buying gold at an ATM, an idea which amazes and fascinates people all over the world.

The initiative to this innovative sales concept for the desired precious metal comes from the company Ex Oriente Lux AG who revolutionized the traditional gold sale with the GOLD to go ATM. Thomas Geissler, the CEO of the mid-sized company based in Reutlingen, Germany, said: "There has to be an easy access to physical precious metal for everybody offered at fair prices." The ATM contains gold and silver bars together with traditional coins offered at real-time prices and a 10-day sale or return guarantee.

When it comes to precious metal high security arrangements are necessary. That is the reason for the cooperation from Ex Oriente Lux AG and DESKO GmbH, a leading provider of data entry, security and payment systems and concepts. "With the PENTA Scanner we supply an important security aspect for the GOLD to go ATM.", said DESKO Managing Director Bruno Geyer. To observe legal requirements according to the money laundering act an ID verification of the buyer has to be made on transactions worth more than €7,500. This is done by the DESKO  PENTA Scanner which reads and verifies data from any ID or travel document.

With the GOLD to go ATM DESKO shows the various and flexible fields of application of the PENTA technology within the travel, immigration and payment area.

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